Investors Turn Bullish on XRP (XRP) Following Golden Cross

XRP (XRP) investors have another reason to celebrate after a major technical indicator made a bullish crossover on Tuesday. According to the XRP/USD chart, the altcoin’s 50-day moving average has moved above the 200-day moving average — a chart pattern known as a golden cross that is typically seen as an indication that a major

DogeCoin and the Dogethereum Bridge

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DogeCoin and the Dogethereum Bridge – Why It’s a Big Deal. DogeCoin which first started out as a joke has been rising over the last 48 hours. News of the release of the new Dogethereum bridge has sent the price skyrocketing. Why the release of Dogethereum bridge is a big deal for

Ripple Causing Waves

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Ripple Causing Waves – yes, pun intended! Ripple Cryptocurrency is now on the rise! This digital currency has seen almost a 100% increase in the last few hours. Ripple is one that has been talked about as making a big move in 2018 and has already started moving. If you

Bitcoin Reaches New High

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Bitcoin Reaches New High as it tops $11,000 in Late November Rally.  2017 has been a crazy year for Bitcoin and other digital currencies as most all have seen large price gains.  As of this posting Bitcoin is well over Eleven Thousand as it sits currently at $11,768.90 and rising. 

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