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Buy NY Coin – What is New York Coin and Why You Should Buy It now! New York Coin (NYC) is one of the most usable cryptocurrencies available offering users NO NETWORK FEES. If you are tired of Bitcoin’s high fees, then look at New York Coin! Other advantages include instant transactions with 30-second confirmations (using KGW which quickens that confirmation time as mining hash is increasing!) All blocks are viewable on NYC explorer, script proof-of-work. Early miners noticed these amazing specs as well and a worldwide group of NYC supporters has loyally kept the network confirming transactions steadily for almost 4 years now.

Buy NY Coin


Why Should I Buy NYC?

Bitcoin was a great investment for those who got in early when it was just pennies to buy. Although Bitcoin will still most likely climb even higher, the cost to buy a large amount of Bitcoin is just too high for most people to afford. But you have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of NYC while it’s still much less than 1 cent per coin to purchase. Had you bought $100 of Bitcoin when it was just a few pennies, it would be worth millions today.  NYC is an opportunity for those that missed the Bitcoin opportunity. By investing just a few hundred dollars now, you could see huge returns as NYC grows.

How do I buy NYC?
As of now, there is only one exchange offering NYC and that is YoBit. To Purchase NYC Coin click on the banner below and open an account. Deposit Bitcoin and buy a large amount of NYC while it’s still well under a penny. Check the chart above to see what the current rate is, then figure what the cost of the number of coins you want to buy would be. Now multiply the number of coins you will have by one cent, two cents, three cents, etc. This will give you an idea of how much of a return you would get as NYC grows larger. How high will it go? No one knows, but remember, Bitcoin was once under a penny as well.

Buy NY Coin

As always, never invest more than you are willing to lose as this and all investments are not guaranteed. This is a way to risk a little and possibly gain a lot. I personally bought 1 million NYC. Just a small gain would net me a huge return on my investment. The way I see it, the downside of buying a cryptocurrency that sells for a fraction of a cent is so low, compared to the potential upside that this is a no-brainer for any serious speculative investor. Keep up to date on NY Coin and all digital currencies on Bitcoin Fractional Investing.
Buy NY Coin

Buy NY Coin

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