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Investors Turn Bullish on XRP (XRP) Following Golden Cross

XRP (XRP) investors have another reason to celebrate after a major technical indicator made a bullish crossover on Tuesday. According to the XRP/USD chart, the altcoin’s 50-day moving average has moved above the 200-day moving average — a chart pattern known as a golden cross that is typically seen as an indication that a major

DogeCoin and the Dogethereum Bridge

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DogeCoin and the Dogethereum Bridge – Why It’s a Big Deal. DogeCoin which first started out as a joke has been rising over the last 48 hours. News of the release of the new Dogethereum bridge has sent the price skyrocketing. Why the release of Dogethereum bridge is a big deal for

Buy NY Coin

Buy NY Coin – What is New York Coin and Why You Should Buy It now! New York Coin (NYC) is one of the most usable cryptocurrencies available offering users NO NETWORK FEES. If you are tired of Bitcoin’s high fees, then look at New York Coin! Other advantages include

Ripple Causing Waves

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Ripple Causing Waves – yes, pun intended! Ripple Cryptocurrency is now on the rise! This digital currency has seen almost a 100% increase in the last few hours. Ripple is one that has been talked about as making a big move in 2018 and has already started moving. If you

Learn About Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin Fractional Investing.  Everything you need to know to buy, sell, and invest in digital currencies.  Learn what cryptocurrencies are, and why you should be making them part of your investment portfolio.  Fiat dollars are the past, cryptocurrency is the future.

Bitcoin Fractional Investing

Learn About Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Is Taking The World By Storm!

Bitcoin is dominating all the financial news lately, but what is it?  This digital currency is not all that new, but you may have just heard about it.  Cryptocurrency is a Peer-to-Peer Digital Cash System.  So what does that mean you are probably asking yourself?  It was created by an anonymous person who goes by the name of Satoshi NakamotoNo one is really sure who Nakamoto is, but he implemented and released the software as an open-source code in 2009.

Learn About Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency

There is a lot of confusion surrounding cryptocurrency in general.  One misconception is that you need to pay whatever the current price is to invest in cryptocurrency.  This is not true.  You can invest any amount you like into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, or any of the other cryptocurrencies out there.  It works like any other stock would work.  If you want to invest $100.00 into a digital currency for example; then you would buy $100.00 worth of the digital currency of your choice and get a fractional amount of what $100.00 divided into the cost of that digital currency would be.

You could buy more in the future and keep adding to your cryptocurrency portfolio, just as with any other stock.  So invest as little or as much as you feel comfortable investing.  Even smaller investments could turn into big profits.  Watch the video below that explains what would have happened if you had bought a $100.00 worth of Bitcoin 7 years ago.

What Is Bitcoin?

It is still a mystery to most people. Simply put, it’s a digital currency.  This means there are no physical coins or paper currency that exist. It exists entirely on a public database known as the blockchain. There are no banks or centralized authority such as the Federal Reserve overseeing it. Confirmation of all transactions is documented by what is known as mining. The Blockchain requires a very minimal structure to share transactions.

Learn About Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency

Still confused or have other questions? Find out more by reading this article: Bitcoin: Seven questions you were too embarrassed to ask. There is also a lot more information in the video, links, and blog section of this website.  This website is constantly updated and new information is added all of the time; so be sure to bookmark this website.

What Does Bitcoin Cost?


In 2009 a Bitcoin was worth about 3 cents.  Had you bought a $100 dollars worth of Bitcoin at its inception it would be worth over 72 million today. These statistics are from May 2017, the current price has gone up since then, so it would be worth more, much more actually. It is not too late to invest because the price is expected to more than double in the next year and surpass $40,000 in the next 2 years.  Longterm projections have it at well over $100,000 in the next few years.

As you can see, digital currencies are the future of investing and everyday commerce. So much so, that the Federal Reserve is now looking into their own cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Fractional Investing

What Is Bitcoin Backed By?

Good question! You will be happy to know that this and all digital currency is backed by the exact same thing the US Dollar is backed by! If you go to the Federal Reserve website and scroll down a bit you will see this: “Federal Reserve notes are not redeemable in gold, silver or any other commodity, and receive no backing by anything This has been the case since 1933. The notes have no value for themselves, but for what they will buy.

So, digital currency is backed by exactly the same thing! The only difference is, this has been the case since 2009, instead of 1933, and Bitcoin is not a note, it’s a digital currency. But other than that, digital currencies are literally backed by the exact same thing as the US Dollar!

Should I Invest In Bitcoin?

That depends on who you ask. Traditional investment firms will most likely say no.  That’s because they see this as a fad or a scam. But Bitcoin has been around since 2009, so it’s certainly not a fad or a scam. It did not start drawing attention though until it recently started spiking in price. Bitcoin’s price was under $1000 until early in 2017 when the price started rising. By the end of 2017, it was valued at well over $10,000. This is unheard of for any currency, least of all a currency that most people know nothing about. Remember, it started out at 3 cents in 2009. Read the Benefits of Investing in Bitcoin.

Learn About Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency

So, should you invest? Cryptocurrency is an investment just like all other investments. As with any investment, there is always a risk associated with it. So, just like any investment, you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. But, Bitcoin has a proven track record of continual growth as it went from 7 cents to over $10,000. So, I guess you need to ask yourself that question.  If the answer is yes, you are in the right place, because we can help you!

Ready To Get Started?

If you are ready to get started investing in cryptocurrencies, first you will need a wallet to store your coins in. There are several wallets to choose from, but not all wallets will work for all Cryptocurrency, so first you will need to decide what Cryptocurrency you would like to invest in.  For Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin you can use a wallet like Coinbase.  It’s free to sign up for a Coinbase account and by using this special link you will also get $10.00 in free Bitcoin after purchasing your first $100.00 in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Fractional Investing

We hope you find this website helpful. As you browse this website and be sure to look in the FAQ, Video, and Links sections for more useful information about digital currency investments. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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